The Allyson Rose Green Memorial Foundation
Supporting Research and Programs
to Prevent Adolescent Suicide
What’s News!

         On November 10th, over 300 runners joined in the fun on a cool Saturday morning to help raise funds for the Allyson Rose Green Memorial Foundation.  The 2nd Annual Alive and Running in West Chester 5k raised over $5,000.  Thanks to all the sponsors, organizers, volunteers and runners.  Without your support, this race would not be possible.

        A special thanks to Ellie Brown & Lisa Izzo.  Both are Henderson High School students and teammates of Allyson’s.  Ellie and Lisa did a fantastic job organizing this years run.  We would also like to thank Mr. Kevin Kelly, a Henderson teacher and coach, who helped with all of the race day operations.
Read about Ellie & Lisa, this year’s student organizers.

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